About Us

Gala is a fast-paced, progressive, people-business

Just as no two days at Gala are the same, no two clubs are the same. But at all of our clubs and throughout our BingoHQ in Nottingham, you will always find the same warm welcome, sense of community, and a dedicated, personal experience; a place where we celebrate our customers’ wins alongside them.  A place where we work together, as a team. We’re made up of all of the people who make the atmosphere, who make our clubs work, who deliver day in, day out for us. We’re proud to be a people business, and proud of our people.

Gala is like a family. We consider our customers very much a part of that family, too.

You can find out more about our company values, and the behaviours we think are important on our ‘Gala Family’ page.
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Gala is a business with a real personality; a place to work that feels like family. That culture of community runs throughout the business, from our teams in BingoHQ to every single one of our clubs across the country.

The focus on customer interaction is brilliant - it makes my day as a manager. I leave work every day with my cheeks aching from smiling so much.

Eve, Deputy Manager